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NR Release 17 Highlights





Feature List




NR Sidelink


52.6 ~ 70 Ghz with existing waveform


Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Enhancement


Industrial IoT / URLLC Enhancement


IoT over Non Terestrial Networks (NTN)


NR over Non Terestrial Networks (NTN)


NR Positioning Enhancement


Low Complexity NR devices


Power Saving


NR Coverage Enhancement


NR eXtended Reality (XR)


NB IoT and LTE-MTC enhancement


5G Multicast Broadcast


Multi Radio DCCA Enhancement


Multi SIM


Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB) enhancement


NR Sidelink Relay


RAN Slicing


Enhancement for Small Data


SON / Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) enhancement


NR Quality of Experience


eNB architecture evolution, LTE-C plane/U-plane split


Satellite Components in the 5G Architecture


Non-Public Networks Enhancement


Network Automation for 5G - phase 2


Edge Computing in 5GC


Proximity Based Services in 5GS


Network Slicing Phase 2


Enhanced V2X Services


Advanced Interactive Services


Access Traffic Steering, switch and Splitting support in the 5G System Architecture


Unmanned Aerial Systems


5GC Location Services


MultiMedia Priority Service (MPS)


5G Wireless and Wireline Convergence


5G LAN type services


User Plane Function(UPF) enhancement for control and 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)





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