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PBCH Decoding Process


When you power on 5G/NR UE(NR Standalone UE) or When LTE is adding NR Cell as a secondary cell, the first thing happening in UE is the process described below.

    i) Search Frequency in which SSB (PSS + SCC + PBCH) is transmitted.

    ii) Search PSS ==> By detecting PSS, UE can figure out

    iii) Search SSS ==> By detecting SSS, UE can figure out  

    iii) From and , UE can calculate Physical Cell ID ()


    iv) Search PBCH DMRS

      ==> from PBCH DMRS UE can

        • estimate channel
        • estimate noise
        • figure out

    v) (based on Channel and Noise estimation) Perform Equalization for PBCH extraction

      ==> Once this equalization is done properly, UE can

      • figure out RE for PBCH
      • figure out PBCH CSI

    vi) Demodulate PBCH ==> figure out PBCH bits


    vi) Decode PBCH ==> Figure out MIB






[1] NR Synchronization Procedures (Matlab 5G Toolbox)