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ROM Update


Before you use the board, it is required to do ROM update on the board. You need to do this only once before you use the board for the first time. You don't need to do this update afterwards. This tutorial assumes that you have completed all the procedure described in Software Installation page.


Step 1 : Connect the board to your PC as follows.



Step 2 : Launch Intel System Studio




Step 3 : You will get a popup as shown below when you launch the System Studio. Specify a file path in which you want to create a workspace. For ROM update, you don't need to create any workspace .. so you don't need to care much of this.  You may just take the default setting as it is and hit [OK].




Then you will have following window (System Studio IDE)




Step 4 : Run ROM Update tool.


Open [Project] menu and hit [Update Microcontroller ROM...] item as shown below.




Then you will get following popup. Select the Quark board that is connected to your PC.




Next, Select Project Type. (If you are not sure which Project type to select, refer to the description shown on the popup at Step 3 (Getting Started). Then hit [Update] button.




Then ROM update progress as shown below.




Once update is complete, you will have a popup as shown below. This is an indication of ROM update completion.




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