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NXP has the most diverse registers and most complicated register control parameters that I have ever seen. For sure, it is not a good for the embedded system programmers but it implies you will have full flexibility to control those registers.  In this page, I will just show you the list of those registers and the brief instruction directly copied from the NXP chipset user manual (linked in Reference section) to give you the overall picture of these registers. You would need to look into the user manual if you need any further details.



System Control Registers




Pin Control Registers




GPIO Registers




Ethernet Register




Clocking and Power Control Registers




USB Controller Register




USB OTG(On-The-Go) and I2C Registers




UART 0/2/3




UART 1 Register




CAN Controller Register


< CAN acceptance filter and central CAN registers  >


< CAN1 and CAN2 controller register map >


< CAN1 and CAN2 controller register summary >


< CAN Wake and Sleep registers >



SPI Register




SSP 0/1 Register




I2C 0/1/2 Register




I2S Register




Timer / Counter 0/1/2/3




PWM Register




Motor Control PWM




Watchdog Timer Register




ADC Register




DAC Register




Repetitive Interrupt Timer register




System Tick Timer




General Purpose DMA




Reference :


[1] UM10360 LPC176x/5x User manual