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CSI Framework


CSI Framework is one of the most complicated structure and process in NR. I have posted three separate notes with different aspect of this topic. I thought I need to write a page which can consolidate the three separate notes and this page is the one.


Overall procedure for CSI-RS operation can be described as follows and I put the link for the notes which lead you to the details of each step.  






Configure/Define CSI Reference signal at physical resource grid.

See CSI-RS page for the details








Combine one or more CSI-RS into a higher level structure for a specific purpose. See CSI-Report page for the details.






Define/Configure the Report Criteria (Report Period, Quantity, Trigger condition, Codebook Configuration etc). See CSI-Report page for the details of Report Period, Quantiy and overall structure of CSI Framework. See CSI Codebook page for the details of CSI Codebook (Precoding Matrix).





Perform Measurement and Report


UE perform the measurement as instructed by Network and report the result to the network.





Adjust PHY/MAC parameters


Based on the report from UE, NW would adjust PHY/MAC parameters like MCS, Antenna Configuration, CSI Codebook etc.