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This is not my note as you can obviously see. In my personal opinion, Videos from Qualcomm about 5G is one of the best that can explain technical issues and use cases for cellular technology in a very intuitive way and I thought it would be a good idea to collect those public videos in a single page so that readers can easily get access to.

From these videos, you will get a lot of insights on various 5G related technology and use cases. If you are working at the field of 5G protocol, it would be a good practice/learning to try to figure out how those use cases can be implemented in terms of protocol stack as much in detail as you can track down. The deeper in depth you are trying to go down, the wider knowledge you will get. I hope my notes in sharetechnote would help you in this aspect -:)

NOTE : In each section, I listed the videos in chronological order so that you can get some general idea on how technologies evolves over time.

NOTE :  The time stamp (Month Year) for each video is based on the date of video posting in YouTube. It would be different from the date that were presented in original events

NOTE :  Most of the videos on this note are those directly posted by Qualcomm, but there are some videos posted by other sources. I put those video from other sources (i.e, non Qualcomm) if Qualcomm is taking major roles in the contents of the video.

5G Master Class

What's Next in 5G ?

Future of 5G

Qualcomm 5G Summit/Keynotes

mmWave / Massive MIMO /BeamManagement

Machine Learning/AI


Next Generation Technology(6G)


PodCast / Workshop etc