5G/NR - Release 18    




NR Release 18 Highlights

Feature List


Service Exposure Interfaces for industry


Evolution of IMS Multimedia Telephony Service


AI/ML model transfer in 5GS


5G Networks Providing Access to Localized Services


Smart Energy and Infrastructure


Enhanced Access to and Support of Network Slices


5G Timing Resilliency System


Ranging-based Service


Tactile and multi-modality communication services


Vehicle-Mounted Relays


Low Power High Accuracy Positioning for Industrial IoT scenarios


Personal IoT and Residential networks Service Requirements


Application layer support for Factories of the Future (FF)


Mission Critical Services over 5MBS


Gateway UE function for Mission Critical Communication


Subscriber-aware Northbound API access


MPS when access to EPC/5GC is WLAN


Ad hoc Group Communication support in Mission Critical Services


Sharing administrative configuration between interconnected MCX Service Systems


Study on sharing administrative configuration between interconnected MCS Service Systems


Support for Service Function Chaining


Data Integrity in 5GS


Signal Level Ehanced Network Selection


5G system with satellite access to Support Control and/or Video Surveillance


5G system with satellite backhaul

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