6G Use Cases / 6G Application


The use case  for 6G (6G Application) doesn't seem much different from the 5G use case. Are we running out of imagination ? -:). But the KPI requirement (e.g, throughput, latency etc) is expected to be much tigher than 5G. Some example of use cases in comparision with 5G is shown below.


Source : Towards 6G Networks: Use Cases and Technologies


NOTE : Some people often add Hologram to the list of 6G use case as well. But we would need additional technologies (i.e, data compression algorithm) to make Hologram as any wireless communication technology. Even Tbps data rate may not be enough for uncompressed holographic streaming.



Source : Towards 6G Networks: Use Cases and Technologies (Mar 2019)



Here goes a little bit more ambitious use cases for 6G from Hera-X : Deliverable D1.1 6G Vision, use cases and key societal values.


Source : Hera-X



Source : 6G Wireless Systems: Vision,Requirements, Challenges,Insights, and Opportunities