4G/LTE - Basic Procedures  




Channel Coding Processing for PUSCH

As far as I know, PUSCH has the most complicated (in many cases confusing) structure. It means you have to spend a lot of time scratching head and being frustrated if you are PHY layer chipset developer or validation/verification engineer working at the area.

If you are not the engineer working at that area, don't even think of getting into details -:)

But at least it would be good to know the big picture of PUSCH structure and possible combination. Possible Composition of PUSCH can be categorized as below.

  • i) User Data only
  • ii) User Data + CQI
  • iii) User Data + CQI + RI

First you have to know exactly at which situation each of these composition is used. (Normally you don't have much issues with troubleshooting the case i)). Once you specified a specific type, go through following procedure one by one as described in 36.212.

< 36.212 - Figure 5.2.2-1: Transport channel processing for UL-SCH >

Channel Coding for HARQ ACK

Note : 'x','y' will be determined in such a way that the symbols are located with maximum distances from each other on constellation



Channel Coding for RI

Channel Coding for CQI