4G/LTE - Basic Procedures  




Fundamental Information

There are many important information affecting the detailed protocol behavior both on UE and Network.  How a UE or Network make variations in the details of the protocol sequence is in most case up to their implementation.. not specified by 3GPP. So usually a huge set of tests are going on in modem manufacturer and UE manufacturer.

UE Capability : UE Category, Frequency Band, Sync Signal Sequence, General Radio Resource Info, General MIMO Parameter, Duplex Mode, Preamble sequence generation algorithm. There are roughly two types of UE capability we can think of. The term (Configured UE capability, Reported UE capability) is not 3GPP term.

  •   Configured UE Capability : These informations are usually configured and stored in a specific memory location on UE. These are usually configured by modem manufacturer and UE manufacturer.
  •   Report UE capability : These are the information reported by UE to Network via UE capability Enquiry/UE capability Information process. Depending on this information, Network would apply different procedure / configuration for each specific UE.

USIM : Network Operator's PLMN list, Subscription Information, Access Barring

Stored Information : Most recently used frequency band, PLMN, Tracking Area Code, Cell ID, S-TMSI, InterRAT Frequency Band

Information that UE needs to get: Frequency and Timing Synchronization info, System Bandwidth, Number of MIMO Antennas, Identities (C-RNTI, Physical Cell ID, Tracking Area Code), Network PLMN, Signaling & Traffic Radio Resouce, RACH_ROOT_SEQUENCE & PRACH Config.