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Modeling Building Block


As I said in Introduction of Engineering Math page, Mathematics is a kind of language. In any kind of language learning, the first step is to learn the vacabularies/words and the rules to combine those words into a sentence. The intention of this section is to provide you a handy dictionary of words for a language called 'Differential Equation'. But don't try to blindly read through this section from the beginning to the ends. You may have not seen any person who is trying to bindly remember every words in a dictionary from the first page to the last page. Normally you would try to speak a simple sentence or you would hear somebody say some sentences and then you would look into a dictionary when you come accross any word that you don't know. You can use this section in the same manner. See 'Modeling Example' section first (these are kinds of sentences written in differential equation and get back to this section when you have difficulties in understanding how the sentence is derived)


I will start out with very short list of dictionary but I will keep updading this section to make it thicker and thicker.


< Mechanical Building Block : Spring >





< Mechanical Building Block : Damper >





< Mechanical Building Block : Mass>





< Mechanical Building Block : Spring-Mass >





< Mechanical Building Block : Spring-Damper >





< Mechanical Building Block : Spring-Mass-Damper >





< Mechanical Building Block : Rotational Bar >





< Mechanical Building Block : Rotational Damper >





< Mechanical Building Block : Rotational Mass (Rotational Inertia) >






< Electrical Building Block - Reister >





< Electrical Building Block - Inductor >





< Electrical Building Block - Capacitor >