4G/LTE - Basic Procedures





Cell Selection - PLMN Selection


i) PLMN from IMSI (Home PLMN)

ii) Last Registered PLMN(Recorded in EF_LOCI)

iii) PLMNs listed in EF_EHPLMN(Equivalent HPLMN)

iv) PLMNs listed in EF_HPLMNwAct(Home PLMN with Access Technology)

v)  PLMNs listed in EF_PLMNwAct(PLMN with Access Technology, User Controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology)

vi) PLMNs listed in EF_OPLMNwAct(Operator Controlled PLMN with Access Technology)


The question is which of these PLMNs has highest priority for cell selection ? The answer is described in 3GPP 23.122