4G/LTE - AT Command





AT Command


Most of the AT commands are defined in 3GPP TS 51.011, but more and more UE makers are adding their own AT commands as well. In this page, I will keep adding the commonly used AT commands defined in 3GPP spec.


< USIM Read/Write >


Based on 27.007 8.18 Restricted SIM access +CRSM,



<command> (command passed on by the MT to the SIM);

176        READ BINARY

178        READ RECORD

192        GET RESPONSE

214        UPDATE BINARY

220        UPDATE RECORD

242        STATUS

203        RETRIEVE DATA

219        SET DATA


For the Details refer to 27.007 and 51.011


Ex) Resetting FPLMN List, according to 51.011 10.3.16 EF_FPLMN (Forbidden PLMNs), file ID is 6F7B

# read FPLMN

Command : AT+CRSM=176,28539

Output : +CRSM: 144,0,"130014130062030294030205030223FFFFFF"


51.011 10.3.16 EFFPLMN (Forbidden PLMNs) describes FPLMN Field format as below.

# write FPLMN




Reference :

    [1] 3GPP 27.007 - AT Command set for User Equipment

    [2] 3GPP 51.011 - Mobile Equipment (SIM-ME) interface