PUSCH Subframe Assignment


In LTE-M1, PUSCH can be transmitted repeatedly to increase cell coverage. This process is defined in 36.213-8.0 UE procedure for transmitting the physical uplink shared channel and can be illustrated as follows :



The two tables defining N values are defined as follows.


< 36.213-Table 8.2b: PUSCH repetition levels (DCI Format 6-0A) >


< 36.213-Table 8.2c: PUSCH repetition levels (DCI Format 6-0B) >


The importantant thing to be noticed is that there are big difference between CEmodeA and CEmodeB in terms of max Number Repetition.  In General, CE Mode B perform much more repetition.

PUSCH-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA/B would be configured in SIB2 as follows.


PUSCH-ConfigCommon-v1310 ::=    SEQUENCE {

  pusch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA-r13  ENUMERATED { r8, r16, r32 }

  pusch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeB-r13  ENUMERATED {r192,r256,r384,r512,r768,r1024,r1536,r2048}  

  pusch-HoppingOffset-v1310          INTEGER (1..maxAvailNarrowBands-r13)




Example >










        soundingRS-UL-ConfigCommon: release (0)


        ul-CyclicPrefixLength: len1 (0)


            modificationPeriodCoeff-v1310: n64 (0)


            paging-narrowBands-r13: 1

            mpdcch-NumRepetition-Paging-r13: r1 (0)

            nB-v1310: one64thT (0)



            pdsch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA-r13: r16 (0)

            pdsch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeB-r13: r192 (0)


            pusch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA-r13: r8 (0)

            pusch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeB-r13: r192 (0)

            pusch-HoppingOffset-v1310: 1



            n1PUCCH-AN-InfoList-r13: 1 item

                Item 0

                    N1PUCCH-AN-InfoList-r13 item: 57

            pucch-NumRepetitionCE-Msg4-Level0-r13: n1 (0)

            pucch-NumRepetitionCE-Msg4-Level1-r13: n1 (0)



        additionalSpectrumEmission: 1

    timeAlignmentTimerCommon: infinity (7)






[1] 3GPP TS 36.213 V13.2.0 (2016-06) Physical layer procedures