MIB(Master Information Block)


MIB is special signal that carries the following information. As you see, you can get the System Bandwidth and SFN by decoding MIB.


i) DL Bandwidth, Number of Transmit Antenna

ii) System Frame Number (SFN)

iii) PHICH Configuration

iv) Transmit every 40 ms , repeat every 10 ms


MasterInformationBlock ::= SEQUENCE {

    dl-Bandwidth ENUMERATED { n6, n15, n25, n50, n75, n100},

    phich-Config PHICH-Config,

    systemFrameNumber BIT STRING (SIZE (8)),

    spare BIT STRING (SIZE (10))



Following is the cycles in which MIB and SIB is transmitted. (For the details of the function and contents of each SIBs, see this page)