4G/LTE - Timers





T3410, T3450


T3410 and T3450 are the timer involved in Initial Attach procedure.


T3410: This timer is started when the UE (User Equipment) sends an Attach Request to the network. The T3410 timer sets a deadline for the network to respond to the Attach Request. If the network doesn't respond before the T3410 timer expires, the UE concludes that the Attach Request has failed and may choose to try again. The duration of the T3410 timer can vary depending on the network's configuration, but typically it's set to a value like 15 seconds.


T3450 is the timer that starts when the network sends an "Attach Accept" message to the user equipment (UE). The network starts this timer after sending the "Attach Accept" message and stops it when an "Attach Complete" message is received from the UE. If the network doesn't receive the "Attach Complete" message before the T3450 timer expires, the network may resend the "Attach Accept" message and restart the timer. This process can be repeated until a maximum number of retransmissions is reached.



Check out following notes for further details on UE and Network Timers