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Fluid Mechanics : Introduction


Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluid flow that is used to analysis of various application that operate based on liquid body such as power turbines/pumps. Liquids are used to measure pressure of a moving fluid. In fluid mechanics, you also do rigid-body equilibrium analysis where fluids exert force on the system.

Like many other studies, you can get pretty detailed / clear understandings on the meaning of 'Fluid Mechanics' just by analyzing each word as below.



Fluid Mechanics is one of the most challenging courses in engineering that Involves heavy-scale of calculations, starting from combining and rearranging equations number of problems require more than one equation to solve for a variable



Common Applications


Some of the applications to which Fluid Mechanics are applied are as follows :

  • Analyzing the flow of water going through the piping system for household usage
  • Calculating the reaction forces and moments onto an object where fluid(s) flow into
  • Calculating the magnitude of forces acting on an object submerged into a liquid
  • Analyzing the performance of pump/turbine in terms of power