IoT(Internet Of Things)







LPWN stands for Low Power Wireless Network and LPWAN stands for Low Power Wide Area Network. Both one indicate the same technology which has following technical features :

  • Low Power : Energy Consumption (Battery Consumption) is very low (Target is to last over 10 years)
  • Wirless
  • Wide Area of Coverage : There is no clear/explicit number showing how wide it should be, but mostly has the max covergae of a few km of radius or wider

This technology will play important roles in IoT. Many, many different kind of technology will get involved in achieving the full blown IoT network as illustrated below. The part marked in Red is LPWN/LPWAN. The part marked in Purple is usually classified as Cellular Technology. However, these technology meets criteria listed above. So in some sense the purple parts can be classified as LPWN/LPWAN as well.