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Wireless PAN (IEEE 802.15.4) - Network    



Type of Device


There are two types of Devices taking part in 802.15.4 based WPAN Network. One is FFD (Full Function Device) and the other one is RFD (Reduced Function Device).


FFD (Full Function Device) : This type of device support full functionality of 802.15.4 MAC functionality and is able to act both as network coordinator and network end-devices. Working as a coordinator, it can transmit Beacon frames and offer various services like Synchronization, communication, network Join services.


RFD (Reduced Function Device) : This type of device can act as only an end devices and may interact with only a single FFD. Usually this device are equipped with a terminal sensing or actuating components like transducers, light switches, lamps etc.



Network Topologies


According to IEEE 802.15.4 4.3 Network topologies, three different types of Network Topoligies are possible with various combinations of FFD and RFDs. These topoligies are Star, Peer to Peer (Mesh) and Tree.


< Star Topology >



< Peer-to-Peer Topology >



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