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Installing a new Package


There are a lot of package (application) you can install in Cygwin, but if you did the detault Cygwin installation, it would have installed the minimum number of packages. However, you can install the new packages as you like even after you installed Cygwin. In this page, I will show you how to install additional packages.


There are two methods to install the additional package. One is to use command line as you see in gcc installation page. The other one is to use the installation GUI as introduced in this page.

If you know the exact command line options to install the package that you want, it would be simpler, but in most case it would not be easy to figure out all the detailed command line options for the application. So it might be more common to go with GUI tools as shown in this page.


[Step 1] Quit the Cygwin if it is running.


[Step 2] Run Cygwin setup program (I hope you have saved the installation program when you install the Cygwin. If not, you can download the installation program again. Refer to Cygwin Installation page)



[Step 3] If you see the following window, press [Run] button.



[Step 4] If you see the following window, press [Next] button.



[Step 5] If you see the following window, Select "Install from Internet" option. (or any other method you want) and click [Next] button.



[Step 6] If you see the following window and set the Root Directory to be the same directory where Cygwin is installed and Click [Next] button



[Step 7] Set the directory name where the package will be downloaded. This is just a temporary directory, so any directory would be fine. and click [Next] button.



[Step 8] Select "Direct Connection" option and click [Next] button.



[Step 9] Select the download site you want and click [Next] button.



[Step 10] you will get the window as shown below that lists all the packages that can be installed.



[Step 11] Since there are too many packages, it would not be easy to select the package you need. With "Search" window, you may easily find the package that you want. Once you find the package, click the icon marked as below.



[Step 12] You can confirm that the selected package to be labeled as "Install". Then, click [Next] button.



[Step 13] Click [Next] when you get the following window.



[Step 14] Setup tool would be downloading the package. Once download is complete, it will automatically install the package



[Step 15] If you get the following window, click [Finish] (Depending on the application, you may or may not create icon)