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Python - HTTP


Python has very powerful and handy library to implement a HTTP Client and HTTP Server. Probably you may ask 'why we need to build our own http client and server ?' We already have a lot of ready made HTTP client like Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. You can easily host a HTTP server with very low cost.

I understand your point. I don't think we , as an individual, can make such a complete HTTP clients and server that are already available in the market. The scale and maturity of those ready-made client and server are far more than what you can achieve as a single developer.

Then why we bother trying to play with these http libraries ? I think the main reason (motivation) is the controllability. However fancy and mature those ready-made client/server are, none of them can meet the requirement for everybody. Many of us would have some specific requirement (needs) that are not supported by such a ready-made tools. This is where we start thinking of making our own HTTP client / server and HTTP library in Python can be an excellent tools to help you with this.