SDR(Software Defined Radio)





What is It ?


GNURadio is a free software that enable you to simluate a dsp process without any hardware or process the physical signal RF signal from real hardware. Conceptually I would say it would be similar concept as Matlab Simulink for communication or Labview.


The framework of the software is in Python and every process you created is executed in Python but you don't have to write any python script for your dsp process. In most case, we create those procedure in GNURadio GUI tool called GNURadio Companion. If you create a proceduring in GNURadio Companion, it create a python script automatically when you hit [Execute] button and excute the python script.




Where I can get it ?


You can get the software for free from GNU Radio official site. You can get the installation package for Windows and Linux. I have tried it with Windows 10 and Ubuntu.




Which hardware does it support ?


As of now (Feb 2021), I think USRP from Ettus Research, HackRF and RTL-SDR are the hardware that are supported by default. But you may need to get the device driver for each of the hardware and install it yourself before you use them in GNURadio.




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