Data Throughput





LTE - Throughput in Live Air


As you naturally guess, the throughput you would achieve in Live Network would be different in large degree from the one you get with test equipment. It is because the radio channel condition and the network components (or performance of the components) will be different and another big impact is that in live network usually multiple UEs shares a resource whereas in test equipment you can allocate the full resources only to single UE (DUT).

  • Radio channel quality (Signal Strength, Noise Level, Interference)
  • Throughput of Network Backhaul
  • Number of UEs connected to the network at the time of the test
  • Amount of physical resources allocated to the DUT (It is hard to check this part especially in LTE case, since physical layer resource allocation is not included in RRC messages. Unless you have low level logging tool either in UE or in Network, it would be very difficult to figure out how much physical layer resources (e.g, Number of RB, MCS) are allocated).