Data Throughput





Troubleshoot Tools


Since the throughput process get involved in the full protocol stack and one/two PCs, and in addition IP tools, you would need to have tools to monitor each and every steps along the end-to-end data path. The logging tool should be able to show not only scheduling and event log, but also all the payload (contents of the data).  Without these tools, you would end up saying "I have tested this device with many different test equipment and didn't see any problem before. This is the only equipment that I see this problem.. so the problem is on the equipment side." or "I have tested many different UE with this equipment, but I didn't see this kind of problem before. So this is UE side problem". Both may be right or wrong at the same time. Our job as an engineer is to find the root cause of the problem and fix it, not blaming the other party. (But to be honest, I have to admit I often blame the other party without even realizing it. Is this a kind of bad nature of engineers ? or my personal problem ?)

Let's try to have proper tools and skills to fight against the problem, not fight against your counter part engineers. My recommendation about the tool is as follows :


i) Ethernet, IP  logging tool (e.g, Wireshark)

ii) UE side logging tool

iii) Network side logging tool

iv) YOUR SKILLs to use and analyze the logging tool

v) YOUR PATIENCE to step through the log for each and every transmission and reception