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NR Network Architecture / Network Interface


Following is the overal NR Network illustrated based on 23.501. The diagram is based mainly on Figure 4.2.3-1 and Figure 4.2.3-2 of 23.501.


The numbers in the oval shape indicates the reference point between components. This shows NR network only in non-roaming condition. In the condition of roaming with other NR network or Legacy network, some additional function block and interface(reference point) is required.




Followings are the name of each network component.

    AMF     Access and Mobility Management Function

    AUSF    Authentication Server Function

    DN       Data Network

    NEF      Network Exposure Function

    NRF      Network Repository Function

    NSSF    Network Slice Selection Function

    PCF      Policy Control Function

    (R)AN   (Radio) Access Network

    SMF     Session Management Function

    UDM     Unified Data Management

    UPF      User Plane Function

    SMSF   SMS Function