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Amarisoft - LTE 100/OTS 100


As far as I know, Amarisoft Solution is one of the most advanced/full fledged LTE SDR solution and well adopted/well proved in the market. (Refer to Amarisoft Home Page for the details).

Also, I think it shows an excellent examples of SDR advantage comparing to hardware/firmware based system. Currently, this solution has three different flavors as shown below. As you see below, they might have implemented different flavors just by changing the hardware part (ADC/DAC hardware). Of course, it doesn't mean that you can just briing in any arbitrary hardware and connected to the radio stack PC as a plug and play. They might have invested some time and efforts to tweaking the radio baseband processing module so that it can seamlessly work with the hardware. However, this software tweaking would be much easier than redesigning hardware and redevelop the firmware for the new hardware. This would be one of the biggest motivation for SDR.



In addition to the cost effectiveness gained by SDR, Amarisoft has an excellent advantage in terms of software architecture. It has MME and EPS and other Core Network components as a separate entity so that I can easily make an interface with other network components (e.g, interfacing with other EPS) and the overall architecture is very similar to real network (I think this is similar to OpenBTS architecture). So, this system can support all of test configuration as follows.



Combining the flexibility of SDR Concept (basically it can work with any hardware capturing I/Q data) and core network software architecture of this solution (handling multiple UEs simultaneously), you can hook the system to RRH (Remote Radio Head) to act like live network (You can construct a complete private LTE network in this way)


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Following demo from O3b would show one of the best example of using Amarisoft solution in real life testing.


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Following is the early implementation of Amarisoft eNB stack implemented on Ettus USRP, demonstrated by Ettus engineer.


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Amarisoft Application Examples in Sharetechnote


Followings are the examples of using Amarisoft to show various aspects of LTE procedures.