4G/LTE - Basic Call Processing  




Detailed Call Flow - Amarisoft

Following is the log captured with Amarisoft Callbox. The intention is to show what I described in the Call Stack Process in Detail page using a real communication traffic. To show every details, I would need to show all the physical channel traffic as well, but I filtered out the physical channel part because it would generate too long, complicated low (Amarisoft Log Viewer itself has features to capture full stack log including the PHY layer).

This page would be good for those who tries to learn the details of LTE protocol stack. One thing I like about Amarisoft logging tool is that it shows decoded contents of MAC header, RLC, PDCP headers right on the trace view. It does not require any separate post processing tool or requires mouse click and look into the different panel to see the decoded contents.

It may be overwhelming to look at this kind of log at first, but very good for study and troubleshooting purpose. Print out this page and mark/label each line with pen/pencil try to track down each message and each Sequence number etc. What you learned in MAC, MAC-CE, BSRRLC page would help you understand the details shown in this page.