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This example using the Python package pyrtlsdr which is available in the official site here. I used the package version 0.2.92 and Python version 3.8 on Windows 10.


NOTE 1 : To run this script, you need to get RTL-SDR driver installed and confirm working. See this page on how to install and test the driver.


from pylab import *

from rtlsdr import *


sdr = RtlSdr()


# configure device

sdr.sample_rate = 2.4e6

sdr.center_freq = 105.5e6

sdr.gain = 4


samples = sdr.read_samples(256*1024)



# use matplotlib to estimate and plot the PSD

psd(samples, NFFT=1024, Fs=sdr.sample_rate/1e6, Fc=sdr.center_freq/1e6)

xlabel('Frequency (MHz)')

ylabel('Relative power (dB)')






NOTE 2 : This python package requires some dependancies called librtlsdr. I used librtlsdr v0.8 that you can get from here. I used the package as highlighbed below.









modify librtlsdr.py as follows :

import sys

import os

import ctypes    # add this line

from ctypes import *

from ctypes.util import find_library


def load_librtlsdr():

    if sys.platform == "linux" and 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH' in os.environ.keys():

        ld_library_paths = [local_path for local_path in os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'].split(':') if local_path.strip()]

        driver_files = [local_path + '/librtlsdr.so' for local_path in ld_library_paths]


        driver_files = []

    driver_files += ['librtlsdr.so', 'rtlsdr/librtlsdr.so']

    driver_files += ['rtlsdr.dll', 'librtlsdr.so']

    driver_files += ['..//rtlsdr.dll', '..//librtlsdr.so']

    driver_files += ['rtlsdr//rtlsdr.dll', 'rtlsdr//librtlsdr.so']

    driver_files += [lambda : find_library('rtlsdr'), lambda : find_library('librtlsdr')]

    dll = None


# Comment out following part

#    for driver in driver_files:

#        if callable(driver):

#            driver = driver()

#        try:

#            dll = CDLL(driver)

#            break

#        except:

#            pass

#    else:

#        raise ImportError('Error loading librtlsdr. Make sure librtlsdr '\

#                          '(and all of its dependencies) are in your path')


    dll = ctypes.WinDLL ("c:\\rtlsdrlib\\librtlsdr.dll")  # add this line


    return dll




Reference :


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[2] GNU Radio Companion, Part 2

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