SDR(Software Defined Radio)







This is an Open Source LTE that has implemented for both eNB and UE. The main scope of this project is to implement Physical Layer libraries (APIs) for LTE eNB and UE, so that anybody can build their full stack LTE UE or eNB based on these library if they can add higher layer radio stack. (I think this is a great idea and can be a huge contribution to the community). As a kind of reference model to build up a full stack radio, the authors has implemented MAC to IP stack for LTE UE and it is also shared under the same project. Refer to srsLTE official page for the source code and the documents.



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Shartechnote Commenting on srsRAN library



API Document


Refer to srsLTE API Document



Build and Installation


Refer to srsLTE Build page











Q & A


1. Has your project verified with real hardware ?


Yes. As a radio frontend we use the usrp and bladerf. We have tested the functionality of the ue against the commercial Amarisoft LTE eNodeB.



2. What is the hardware intended/verified for your PHY library


Yes usrp and bladerf. We have tested b210, x300 and the bladerf.



3. Is there any requirement on PC side ? (PC hardware requirement and operating system)


An intel i7 quadcore is preferable but any x86 system should work. Standard Linux OS is required.



4. Is there any other software/library/tools (e.g,GNU Radio, Python etc) that is required besides your source code ?


We don't require python nor gnuradio. Libfftw and Polarssl is the only strict requirement. If volk is detected its simd acceleration functions will be used.