5G/NR - Power Definition / Measurement  




Power Definition / Measurement

As in LTE, the most important criteria on Power Measurement is around RSRP, RSRQ. The basic idea on RSRP/RSRQ in NR is also similar to LTE RSRP / RSRQ.  However, there are some differences as well between LTE and NR in terms of power definition and measurement as below.

  • In NR, SINR seems to be an important power criteria. Of course, SINR is not a new parameter in NR. It is measured in most of LTE chips and this is one of the parameters that I most frequently check when I am doing physical layer performance troubleshooting. However, in NR SINR has become a formal measurement parameter used in RRC message.
  • In LTE, RSRP and RSRQ is based on Cell specific Reference Signal (CRS). However, in NR there is no CRS. So RSRP / RSRQ definition in NR is based on other physical signals as shown in the following table.

< Based on 38.215 - 5.1 UE measurement capabilities >


Physical Signal for Measurement


SS reference signal received power (SS-RSRP)

CSI reference signal received power (CSI-RSRP)

SRS reference signal received power (SRS-RSRP)


SS reference signal received quality (SS-RSRQ)

CSI reference signal received quality (CSI-RSRQ)


SS signal-to-noise and interference ratio (SS-SINR)

CSI signal-to-noise and interference ratio (CSI-SINR)



Measurement Items in RRC - MeasObjectNR

MeasObjectNR ::=                            SEQUENCE {

    carrierFreq                                 ARFCN-ValueNR,

    referenceSignalConfig                       ReferenceSignalConfig       OPTIONAL,

        absThreshSS-BlocksConsolidation         ThresholdNR                 OPTIONAL,

        absThreshCSI-RS-Consolidation           ThresholdNR                 OPTIONAL,

        nroSS-BlocksToAverage                   INTEGER (2..maxNroSS-

                                                    BlocksToAverage)        OPTIONAL,

        nroCSI-RS-ResourcesToAverage            INTEGER (2..maxNroCSI-RS-

                                                    ResourcesToAverage) OPTIONAL,

    quantityConfigIndex                         INTEGER (1..maxQuantityConfigId),

    offsetFreq                                  Q-OffsetRangeList,

    cellsToRemoveList                           CellIndexList               OPTIONAL,

    cellsToAddModList                           CellsToAddModList           OPTIONAL,


    blackCellsToRemoveList                      CellIndexList               OPTIONAL,

    blackCellsToAddModList                      BlackCellsToAddModList      OPTIONAL,


    whiteCellsToRemoveList                      CellIndexList               OPTIONAL,

    whiteCellsToAddModList                      WhiteCellsToAddModList      OPTIONAL



ReferenceSignalConfig::=                 SEQUENCE {


    ssb-MeasurementTimingConfiguration      SSB-MeasurementTimingConfiguration   OPTIONAL,


    ssbPresence                             CHOICE {

        present                                 SEQUENCE {

            frequencyOffset                         TYPE_FFS!

            subcarrierSpacing                       SubcarrierSpacing,


        notPresent                              SEQUENCE {



    csi-rs-ResourceConfig-Mobility          CSI-RS-ResourceConfig-Mobility  OPTIONAL -- Need

    useServingCellTimingForSync             BOOLEAN



SSB-MeasurementTimingConfiguration ::=  SEQUENCE {

        periodicityAndOffset                    CHOICE {

            sf5                                     INTEGER (0..4),

            sf10                                    INTEGER (0..9),

            sf20                                    INTEGER (0..19),

            sf40                                    INTEGER (0..39),

            sf80                                    INTEGER (0..79),

            sf160                                   INTEGER (0..159)


        duration                                ENUMERATED { sf1, sf5 },


        ssb-ToMeasure                           SetupRelease {

            CHOICE {

                shortBitmap                         BIT STRING (SIZE (4)),

                mediumBitmap                        BIT STRING (SIZE (8)),

                longBitmap                          BIT STRING (SIZE (64))


        }    OPTIONAL,   -- Need M   



    smtc2                                   SEQUENCE {

        pci-List     SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofPCIsPerSMTC)) OF PhysicalCellId    OPTIONAL

        periodicty                              TYPE_FFS!

    }          OPTIONAL -- Cond IntraFreqConnected



CSI-RS-ResourceConfig-Mobility ::=      SEQUENCE {

csi-rs-MeasurementBW                    SEQUENCE {

        csi-rs-measurementBW-size           ENUMERATED { size24, size48, size96, size192, size268},

        csi-rs-measurement-BW-start         ENUMERATED {ffsTypeAndValue},

        associated-SSB                      ENUMERATED {ffsTypeAndValue},

        qcled-SSB                           BOOLEAN,

        isServingCellMO                     BOOLEAN



    subcarrierSpacing                       SubcarrierSpacing,

    csi-rs-ResourceList-Mobility    SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofCSI-RS-ResourcesRRM)) OF




CSI-RS-Resource-Mobility                    SEQUENCE {

    csi-rs-ResourceId-RRM                   CSI-RS-ResourceId-RRM,

    cellId                                  PhysicalCellId,


    slotConfig                              CHOICE {

        ms5                                     INTEGER (0..4),

        ms10                                    INTEGER (0..9),

        ms20                                    INTEGER (0..19),

        ms40                                    INTEGER (0..39),

        ms80                                    INTEGER (0..79),

        ms160                                   INTEGER (0..159)


    sequenceGenerationConfig                TYPE_FFS!



CSI-RS-ResourceId-RRM ::=               INTEGER (0..maxNrofCSI-RS-ResourcesRRM-1)


Q-OffsetRangeList ::=                   SEQUENCE {

    rsrpOffsetSSB                           Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0,

    rsrqOffsetSSB                           Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0,

    sinrOffsetSSB                           Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0,

    rsrpOffsetCSI-RS                        Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0,

    rsrqOffsetCSI-RS                        Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0,

    sinrOffsetCSI-RS                        Q-OffsetRange               DEFAULT dB0



ThresholdNR ::=                         SEQUENCE{

    threshold-RSRP                          RSRP-Range                  OPTIONAL,

    threshold-RSRQ                          RSRQ-Range                  OPTIONAL,

    threshold-SINR                          SINR-Range                  OPTIONAL



CellsToAddModList ::=                   SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofCellMeas)) OF CellsToAddMod


CellsToAddMod ::=                       SEQUENCE {

    cellIndex                               INTEGER (1..maxNrofCellMeas),

    physCellId                              PhysCellId,

    cellIndividualOffset                    Q-OffsetRangeList



BlackCellsToAddModList ::=              SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofCellMeas)) OF BlackCellsToAddMod


BlackCellsToAddMod ::=                  SEQUENCE {

    cellIndex                               INTEGER (1..maxNrofCellMeas),

    physCellIdRange                         PhysCellIdRange




WhiteCellsToAddModList ::=              SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofCellMeas)) OF WhiteCellsToAddMod


WhiteCellsToAddMod ::=                  SEQUENCE {

    cellIndex                               INTEGER (1..maxNrofCellMeas),

    physCellIdRange                         PhysCellIdRange


Measurement Items in RRC - MeasResults

MeasResults ::=                             SEQUENCE {

    measId                                      MeasId,

    measResultServingFreqList                   MeasResultServFreqList,

    measResultNeighCells                        CHOICE {

        measResultListNR                            MeasResultListNR,

        measResultListEUTRA                         MeasResultListEUTRA,


    }        OPTIONAL



MeasResultServFreqList ::=                  SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxServCell)) OF MeasResultServFreq


MeasResultServFreq ::=                      SEQUENCE {

    servFreqId                                  ServCellIndex      OPTIONAL,

    measResultServingCell                       MeasResultNR,

    measResultBestNeighCell                     MeasResultNR      }


MeasResultListNR ::=                        SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxCellReport)) OF MeasResultNR


MeasResultNR ::=                            SEQUENCE {

    physCellId                                  PhysCellId         OPTIONAL,

    --FFS: Details of cgi info

    cgi-Info                                    TYPE_FFS!

    measResult                                  SEQUENCE {

        cellResults                                 SEQUENCE{

            resultsSSBCell                              ResultsSSBCell               OPTIONAL,

            resultsCSI-RSCell                           ResultsCSI-RSCell            OPTIONAL


        rsIndexResults                              SEQUENCE{

            resultsSSBIndexes                           ResultsPerSSBIndexList       OPTIONAL,

            resultsCSI-RSIndexes                        ResultsPerCSI-RSIndexList    OPTIONAL

        }   OPTIONAL




ResultsSSBCell ::=                          SEQUENCE {

    ssb-Cellrsrp                                RSRP-Range             OPTIONAL,

    ssb-Cellrsrq                                RSRQ-Range             OPTIONAL,

    ssb-Cellsinr                                SINR-Range             OPTIONAL



ResultsCSI-RSCell ::=                       SEQUENCE {

    csi-rs-Cellrsrp                             RSRP-Range             OPTIONAL,

    csi-rs-Cellrsrq                             RSRQ-Range             OPTIONAL,

    csi-rs-Cellsinr                             SINR-Range             OPTIONAL



ResultsPerSSBIndexList ::=                  SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNroSSBs)) OF ResultsPerSSBIndex


ResultsPerSSBIndex ::=                      SEQUENCE {

    Ssb-Index                                   SSB-Index,

    ss-rsrp                                     RSRP-Range             OPTIONAL,

    ss-rsrq                                     RSRQ-Range             OPTIONAL,

    ss-sinr                                     SINR-Range             OPTIONAL



ResultsPerCSI-RSIndexList ::=               SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNroCSI-RS))

                                                OF ResultsPerCSI-RSIndex


ResultsPerCSI-RSIndex ::=                   SEQUENCE {

    csi-rsIndex                                 CSI-RSIndex,

    csi-rsrp                                    RSRP-Range             OPTIONAL,

    csi-rsrq                                    RSRQ-Range             OPTIONAL,

    csi-sinr                                    SINR-Range             OPTIONAL