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Drive Test - Azenqos


This is an introduction page for a drive test tool AZQ Anroid from Azenqos. What I am posting here is based on my personal experience with the tool. If you want to get the official information from the company, visit Azenqos home.




For me personally, the most important criteria about this kind of tool is as follows

    i) how much information (raw data) it can collect

    ii) can I export all the raw data into external text file (e.g, csv, txt, JSON etc)

Personally I don't care much about the report format from the tool itself because every end user would have their own requirement and in most cases those requirements are different person to person. It is almost impossible to come up with any common report format or charts that statisfies everybody.

If a tool can collect all the raw data that I need and allow me to export it into txt or csv, I can use Microsoft Excel, Python, Matlab or whatever tool that I can utilize and process the data in my personal needs.

With this criteria, AZQ Android captures almost all of what I want to get from live network not only a lot of measurement result but also higher layer signaling message (RRC/NAS) which is very important that allows me to correlate the measurement result to what's happening in higher layer signaling events.



Sample Data (Processed Data) in Sharetechnote


Followings are the examples of data from AZQ Android. You will see various data/information provided by the tool and see how you can use those data/information to understand LTE protocol. I will keep expand the list as I learn more from the tool.