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How to get a Linux PC ?


You may be wondering why I ask this question. Isn't it obvious ? Just buy it.

Yes, buying a ready-made Linux PC would be the easiest way to get it.. but I wouldn't have asked this if this is the only answer. If your job or your interested depends heavily on Linux, I would recommend you to buy it but if you are using other operating system (like Windows) most of time and want to use as a secondary (minor) tool, you can think of various other options as listed below.


I have tried most of these options and I think I can share a little bit of my own opinion. The first thing that I tried was the option iii). This tool is mainly for running a gcc (Linux based C compiler) in Windows Operating System. It is very light program and you can try with some of the basic Linux command. However, the Cygwin is not a complete Linux simulator. so you would not be able to try various in-depth Linux feature.

And then I tried with option i). I've used the PC for a while but it didn't last long. Since most of the tools that I am using is for my job are running on Windows, I need to carry two PCs if I want to use Linux for my free time.

Then I tried the option iv) and at least for me I found it the best option. I am using Virtual Box and install Ubuntu in it.

For many years, I saw many people used Dual Booting option. But it requires some tricky steps of low level configuration and I haven't personally tried this option.



NOTE : Points about Virtual Box


As far as I've experienced, the VirtualBox solution is very handy solution to have Linux PC on your Windows and you can do most of the Linux functions with it, but when it comes to accessing hardware resources (e.g, USB, Network Card etc).  I got Internet connection from Virtual Box Linux working smoothly, but I am not sure if I can configure all of NICs on my PC as I can do with the dedicated Linux PC.


Depending on the operating system you instaill in VirtualBox, you may configure the Network Interface in various different ways without much difficulties. As of Now, followings are the configuration mode that I've tried and succeeded.


I am not yet successful to get access to USB memory from the VirtualBox Linux.